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Installation FAQ

An installer is not necessary in most cases. Most items can easily be set up with the help of family or friends (2-3 people). An installer is mostly recommended for higher-end pool tables. Shuffleboards are easy to set up and a moving service is a lot more cost-effective.

With the rare exception of certain manufacturers, installation is not available when you purchase online. If you must absolutely have an installer, then you will need to purchase at a local shuffleboard/billiard/game shop, who may do the installation themselves.

As a result:

  • Most manufacturers, with the exception of Industrial Farmhouse, Imperial, and Hudson, do not offer installation services for online purchases
  • You will need to receive shipment when purchasing anywhere online, then call a local installer in your area to come and install the item
  • We can assist you in finding a local installer, and you can negotiate the fee directly with them

How do I then get installation services?

As mentioned above, you can either find a local installer, or even opt for a moving service to help you with moving the item and basic set up. You can even have friends help you with the set up--which most often is very straightforward.

How much do installers usually charge?

This really depends on the item and its weight, as well as if the product will be delivered to the installer, or to you directly. A good ballpark figure is about $400-700.

An installation service is something that requires some thought, since it is not cheap. You are free to look around for an installer locally, or we can help find you one--but the cost is separate from the cost of your order. Let us know how we can assist, we're here to help make your purchase as easy and smooth as possible.