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Warrior Foosball Tables

Warrior Table Soccer is the premier foosball table manufacturer is the USA.  The game of table soccer originated in Europe and was introduced to America in the 1960s. In the 1970s, a foosball table manufacturing company known as “Tournament Soccer” put table soccer on the map, with huge prize money tournaments and first class events. Since then, the US foosball table manufacturers have rapidly dominated the professional foosball tour, offering pro foosball tournaments across the nation to the world’s greatest players.

With soccer growing and youth soccer exploding in the United States, the timing is perfect for the sport of table soccer to break out.  However, the frequency of tournaments, the quality of tournaments, the size of the purses, and the availability of quality foosball tables and parts at reasonable prices has diminished as competition in the marketplace has dried up. As the leading foosball table manufacturer, it is their mission at Warrior Table Soccer to change this. Welcome to the big leagues!